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Min. Tierra Reid

I thank God for blessing me with a creative mind, sweet spirit, and heart for service to others.  It is my mission to be a blessing to everyone I meet and help their vision come to life through graphic design.

Graphic Designer | Web Designer | Social Media Publicist

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Rev. Kristian Mudd

God has commanded us to go and spread the gospel to everyone we meet, and I'm thankful that he's blessed me to be able to reach the masses through social media and the world wide web. 

Social Media Publicist

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3001 Bergman Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15204

Phone:  412-771-1784

Youth/Teen & Adult Sunday School

Sunday's from 9:30am- 10:30am

Worship Service

Sunday's from 11:00am - 1:30pm

M.O.D.E.L. Youth Ministry Church

Sunday's at 11:00am


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